From Joy, who just purchased and received her first "Swing Skirt" from my Etsy shop:

 "My weekend is off to a wonderful start... I got home from work to find my fancy new skirt in the mailbox. So sweetly packaged with all of your artistic magic. And then I put it on!! I'm pretty sure my buttcheeks have never been this happy before! The way it MOVES! The way it FEELS!! It feels BETTER than having nothing on, if that's possible. Thanks! You have mad skillz and I am the lucky beneficiary."

From Sara, who purchased her first "swing skirt":

I love the skirt.......My grandmother always said, "If you like something in one color you must buy it in every color!" She has taught me well! Bring on the skirts! I need new school clothing! 

From Equinox Designs who purchased Acorn Earrings:

These are the cutest earrings ever!!! I just looove the color and the craftsmanship is top notch!!!! Thank you! Will definitely be back :)

From Allison, who purchased a multicolored Rope Necklace:

Love this piece - bought it for myself and practically haven't taken it off since! Everything I've purchased from this shop is colorful, fun, and well-made. A pleasure doing business with you!

From Bethany, who purchased a Swing Skirt:

Wear it ALL the time and get so many compliments every time! I need about six more so i can wear one every day!!

From Joy:

An absolutely amazing skirt. Versatile, stylish and unbelievably comfortable. This is the second one I've ordered!

From Carolyn who purchased Acorn Earrings:

Clever and adorable! Really unique and nicely made.

From A.E.Griffin:

I'm so happy to get my first hoop! And I can actually hoop with it! :)